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Nir Kaissar and Barry Ritholtz

What Does the Longest Bull Market Mean? A Debate

The run for stocks is now in the record books. So what?

You got something to say about it?

You got something to say about it?

Photographer: Tim Graham/Getty Images Europe

There’s lots of disagreement about whether the current bull market in stocks is now the longest in history. Bloomberg Opinion columnists Nir Kaissar and Barry Ritholtz recently met online to debate its longevity, whether it matters and if anyone should care. They previously discussed passive versus active investing and global equity valuations

Nir Kaissar: The U.S. bull market became the longest on record yesterday. It’s been 3,453 days since the market hit bottom in March 2009, surpassing the run that began in October 1990 and ended when the dot-com bubble burst in March 2000.