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Francis Wilkinson

A Liberal Case for President Pence

Mediocre and conservative beats vile and crazy.
Blue skies.

Blue skies.

Photographer: Brendon Thorne/Getty Images

Donald Trump's presidency has produced a proliferation of Eeyores. It's not their (our) fault. However dismal one's view of current American politics, Trump is sure to expose it, with a tweet or the lack of one, as a naive and rosy fantasy. Each day, we adjust our sights down. Each day, the president forces our gaze lower.

Some conservatives might take comfort in the prospect -- wish, really -- of a President Mike Pence assuming office before the current occupant's term is up. The Indiana Republican is as dull and serviceable a politician as Trump is bizarre and broken. Pence can recite the social conservative catechism by heart and, until he signed on to the Trump carnival, held conventional conservative views on trade and taxes and decency.