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Jonathan Bernstein

Trump's Big Crisis Isn't North Korea. It's Venezuela.

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Chaos, chaos everywhere.

Chaos, chaos everywhere.

Photographer: Ronaldo Schemidt/AFP/Getty Images

There's a nice Annette Idler item at the Monkey Cage on what's at stake in Venezuela that answered some questions I've been thinking about as a non-specialist.

Call me naive or a foolish optimist, but I suspect that the most likely end to the North Korea "crisis" is that it will fizzle out. Yes, Donald Trump is capable of irrational actions and North Korea may be as well, but certainly on the U.S. side, all the sober, sane folks in government are on alert and fighting hard to make sure nothing too irrational happens. Nor am I really especially concerned that Trump will turn over the keys to the nation to his Russian friends. Sure, there are legitimate concerns, and things could go wrong fast and with horrible consequences, but there are very strong forces pushing away from disaster, too.