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Albert R. Hunt

Americans Aren't So Excited About Tax Reform

With health care down, the White House is turning to taxes. The rest of us are yawning, a poll suggests.
Not so easy.

Not so easy.

Photographer: Dominick Reuter/AFP/Getty Images

President Donald Trump says it will "be easy" to reform the tax system, at least by comparison to replacing Obamacare. The White House told Axios, the political-news website, that it's well prepared to roll out a big tax-reform launch in late summer that's already gaining support from corporate executives and conservatives.

They should take a look at the latest Bloomberg poll. It suggests that a tax law is likely to be as tough to pass as the health-care bill that disintegrated this week in the Senate, and which Trump was calling a piece of cake just five months ago. The poll and other reporting indicates that taxes are no longer a galvanizing political issue, even for Republican voters.