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Daniel Shapiro

How Trump Can Have an Impact in the Holy Land

A visit to the new Palestinian city of Rawabi would send a positive message to all sides.
Gleaming, new city on a hill.

Gleaming, new city on a hill.

Photographer: AHMAD GHARABLI/AFP/Getty Images

In planning for President Donald Trump's first trip abroad White House, staffers will be looking for images and achievements that will reinforce the president’s agenda, appeal to him personally, and present him to the world as a global statesman. While in Israel and the Palestinian Authority on May 22-23, there is an easy stop he should make to accomplish all three goals: President Trump should visit Rawabi.

Rawabi is the first new, entirely planned Palestinian city in the West Bank, long heralded as the advent of the Palestinian economic future. Located on a picturesque hillside 10 kilometers north of Ramallah, it is now at a sufficiently advanced stage of development for Palestinian families to begin to move in. Hundreds already have, with more purchasing apartments each day. It could eventually support up to 40,000 residents.