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Therese Raphael

What a Macron Presidency Would Mean for France

The front-runner may be a charmed candidate, but he'll have a hard time delivering.
Can Macron make France great again?

Can Macron make France great again?

Photographer: Denis Charlet/AFP/Getty Images

This unconventional French election race is far from over, but there is a clear front-runner: 39-year-old former economy minister Emmanuel Macron now has over a 60 percent chance of becoming the next French president, pollsters tell us. What's that going to look like?

On the surface, a Macron presidency would seem to offer something for everyone: a pro-globalization, pro-immigration, pro-European, pro-reform candidate who appeals to both the left and right, who is both populist and a member of the educated elite. He is a darling of the mainstream media and the hope of many voters from both the Socialist camp and the center-right.