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Edward Niedermeyer

Trump's Twitter Bully Pulpit Has Automakers on Edge

Detroit and Washington have long had a too-cozy relationship. The president-elect's tweeting may change things for the better.
Hecho en Mexico.
Photographer: Susana Gonzalez/Bloomberg
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If there are two traits I share with the new president-elect, it’s an interest in the auto industry and a love of Twitter. The car business is an enormous and deeply influential entity whose daily decisions affect thousands of jobs around the world, but Twitter gives even the most shy and retiring of us a chance to exert influence, too.

At least that’s the lesson I take away from Donald Trump’s series of auto industry tweets last week, in which the president-elect alternately berated and praised automakers that were making and unmaking plans to build cars in Mexico. Trump’s path forward on policies aimed at stemming the flow of manufacturing jobs to Mexico may be uncertain, but his tweets have already changed the game.