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Shelly Banjo

Domino's Goes From Dial-Up to Drones

The chain shows embracing tech is key to thriving in tough times.

Patrick Doyle can remember when customers struggled to order pizza through sketchy dial-up Internet connections. Now the Domino's Pizza Inc. CEO and nearly 20-year company veteran has to pause to think before naming all 17 different ways of ordering a Domino's pizza today, which include texting a pizza emoji or via Amazon's AI persona, Alexa. 

Digital orders now make up more than half of Domino's sales and are feeding its growth: Sales at established U.S. locations rose 13 percent in the latest quarter from the year before. Digital orders come with higher transaction amounts, and give Domino's data to track customers, helping it better target them with offers. The company's tech focus partly justifies its Silicon Valley-like valuation.