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Noah Smith

Kudlow Is a Troubling Economics Adviser for Trump

The former CNBC commentator tends to let partisanship and memories of the 1970s color his analysis.
That was then.

That was then.

Photographer: Adam Jeffrey/CNBC/Photo Bank/Getty images

Donald Trump is reportedly close to picking Larry Kudlow to be the chairman of his Council of Economic Advisers. This will doubtless annoy many economists and policy wonks because Kudlow isn’t an economist -- he didn’t even major in econ in college. He’s an econ commentator, much like me, but without the academic training.

But the general public probably won’t even notice or care that he lacks a doctorate in economics. Unlike “physicist” or “biologist,” all you have to do in order to be considered an “economist” is to declare yourself one. This lack of faith in academic credentials might have to do with the low regard in which much of the public holds the econ profession. But in any case, it means that to most people, Kudlow’s bona fides are just as burnished as those of Alan Krueger, Christina Romer, Ben Bernanke or any of the other former holders of the position.