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Justin Fox

Dallas Is Where the Jobs Are

In this business cycle, "Let's move to Texas" is a popular decision.
Dallas rising.

Dallas rising.

Photographer: Matt Nager/Bloomberg/Bloomberg

In the early days of the current economic expansion, Texas led the way. That stopped being true a couple of years ago; according to state jobs data released Friday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, California has added the most payroll jobs (2.4 million) since employment bottomed out nationally in February 2010; Utah is the leader on a percentage basis (22.1 percent).

Still, Texas hasn't exactly fallen apart. Yes, a sharp drop in oil and natural gas prices has ended Houston's boom, for now, at least. The much-smaller metropolitan areas of San Antonio and Austin are experiencing slowdowns as well. But the state is still creating jobs -- and it's creating most of them in its biggest metropolitan area, Dallas-Fort Worth.