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Barry Ritholtz

Please Debate America's Sorry Infrastructure

Improving roads, bridges, tunnels, ports and the electric grid would help get the country out of its slow-growth rut.
It's worth it.

It's worth it.

Photographer: RJ Sangosti/the denver post/getty images/

The big presidential debate is tonight, and expectations are that lots of people will be watching. One of the key issues -- remember those? -- facing the U.S. is the abysmal state of infrastructure. It would be nice to learn more from each candidate what they would do as president to restore the state of U.S. infrastructure to its former greatness.  I'd like to be optimistic.

The problems with U.S. infrastructure have been a pet peeve of mine for a long time. It is one of those things that is important economically, is well understood academically and is supported by the public across party lines. I have been discussing it in print since the financial crisis ended