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Megan McArdle

The Democrats Have Unified. The Republicans Won't.

Sanders endorses Clinton just as GOP leaders are distancing themselves from Trump. It's a preview of November.
Party unity.

Party unity.

Photographer: Darren McCollester/Getty Images

There is something anticlimactic about the news that Bernie Sanders has finally endorsed Hillary Clinton, like finding out that some young Hollywood couple has tremulously announced their mindful separation. We expected nothing else, so it is tempting to respond “What on earth took you so long?”

The answer is that with the announcement of the Democratic Party platform, Sanders has gotten everything that he could reasonably have expected, and it is now time to hang up his spurs and turn to the serious business of getting Clinton elected. All of the speculation about whether Sanders was going to take his ball and go home, so useful for filling column inches, can now thankfully be put to rest. Sanders has issued a full-throated endorsement of Clinton, and I expect that he will campaign vigorously for her come fall.