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Eli Lake and Josh Rogin

Clinton’s Security Clearance Is Under Scrutiny

Republicans in Congress see more cause for concern than Democrats do.
She's used to scrutiny.

She's used to scrutiny.

Photographer: SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

Now that several e-mails on Hillary Clinton's private server have been classified, there is a more immediate question than the outcome of the investigation: Should the former secretary of state retain her security clearance during the inquiry? Congressional Republicans and Democrats offer predictably different answers.

The State Department announced Friday that it would not release 22 e-mails from Clinton’s private server after a review found they contained information designated as top secret. U.S. officials who reviewed the e-mails tell us they contain the names of U.S. intelligence officers overseas, but not the identities of undercover spies; summaries of sensitive meetings with foreign officials; and information on classified programs like drone strikes and intelligence-collection efforts in North Korea.