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Justin Fox

Want a Job? Go to Brooklyn

Check the Bronx, Queens or Staten Island if that doesn't work.
Start here.

Start here.

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Since writing this column Thursday I have learned something that casts New York City's employment numbers in a new light and makes Brooklyn's growth look a little less impressive. At the beginning of 2015, about 170,000 local-government jobs disappeared from Manhattan and were divided among the other four boroughs. What appears to have happened is that New York City’s public school system and some other local agencies began to report employment by where people worked rather than where the main office was. Without this sudden local-government boost, Brooklyn’s job growth would be in sixth place among U.S. counties of 250,000 people or more. Among counties of 1 million people or more, Brooklyn remains No. 1. For more explanation and revised charts, click here.

The new job engine of the U.S. is, get this, Brooklyn. Yes, it is widely known that the most populous of New York City’s boroughs has been undergoing an economic renaissance. But it’s still something of a shock to learn that Kings County, aka Brooklyn, population 2.6 million, has seen faster job growth since 2007 than any other county of significant size  in the nation.

The Bronx, Queens and Staten Island aren’t doing badly either. Here are the 15 counties of more than 250,000 people  that experienced the fastest job growth from the second quarter of 2007 through the second quarter of 2015 (the most recent quarter for which data is available):