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Megan McArdle

The Gotta-Have-It-All Kitchen Gift Guide

Good news, America: You can now buy a Thermomix!
I'd like one in every color, please.

I'd like one in every color, please.

Photographer: Mira Oberman/AFP/Getty Images

Stocking Stuffers (under $25)

Microplane zester The lemon zester is, hands down, the thing that people are most apt to tell me about when they mention the kitchen gift guide. It’s such a little thing, but it makes such a big difference, because lemon zest is the key to making so many things delicious, from baked goods to salad dressings, and the normal procedure for removing it also involves removing the skin from your knuckles with a box grater. But don’t just use this for zest. Use it for coarse-grating nutmeg over eggnog, chocolate over whipped cream or mousse, or cheese over pasta or salad.