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Katie Benner

The Color of Money in Silicon Valley

Why is there so much wage disparity in Silicon Valley, the breadbasket of lush compensation? Katie Benner explores.
Something's still missing ...
Something's still missing ...

Silicon Valley's most powerful companies released statistics on race and gender in their workforces last summer, largely because Google revealed its own employee data and said that it would strive to be more diverse. The numbers confirmed long-standing suspicions about the culture of tech. White men made up the biggest piece of the worker pie at Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, LinkedIn and eBay.

But there seemed to be a bright spot in that otherwise grim parade of diversity numbers. Asians comprised a big chunk of the tech workforce -- 23 percent at Apple, 34 percent at Google, 41 percent at Facebook and 34 percent at Twitter. Asians were the majority at Yahoo, LinkedIn and eBay, coming in at 57 percent, 60 percent and 55 percent, respectively.