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Jim O'Neill

Chinese Premier Is Loaded for Bear

"I can promise everyone honestly and solemnly, there won’t be a hard landing," Chinese Premier Li Keqiang says.
China's premier will do whatever it takes.
China's premier will do whatever it takes.

China's Premier Li Keqiang has been visiting the U.K. this week and competing for headlines with Wayne Rooney. He's done surprisingly well, too. Full marks to the government for giving its guest from Beijing an impressive reception, almost as if soccer was just a game. The message that China really, really matters as an economic partner may finally be getting through.

Li was granted a meeting with the queen, an honor rarely bestowed on deputy leaders. The government also announced a change in the U.K.'s policy on visas for Chinese visitors -- which will be much to the U.K.'s advantage, given the surge in Chinese tourism.