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Mary Duenwald

Beware of Big Marijuana

Whether Colorado is able to solve its problem with edibles and other marijuana innovations may depend on how powerful Big Marijuana is allowed to become.
Yep, that's big.
Yep, that's big.

In Colorado, the worst surprises so far from the newborn recreational marijuana business have come from edibles -- those brownies, cookies, sodas and other sweet treats that have incapacitated big-name journalists and caused an uptick in emergency-room visits by adults and children alike. Colorado is responding with mandatory testing for THC, marijuana's psychoactive ingredient, and a limit of 100 milligrams in any edible product. Is this enough?

That will depend in part on how powerful Big Marijuana is allowed to become.

Big Marijuana is nowhere near the size of Big Tobacco, but these are early days. The pot business in Colorado -- the first state to allow sales for recreational use -- is not yet half a year old. Sales in Washington state are not expected until July.

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