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Francis Wilkinson

Florida Finds New Ways to Encourage Reckless Gunplay

Now everybody can have a personal shooting range no matter what the neighbors think.

Looks like Florida will be producing more dead people with bullet holes. The state that enacted a "gun gag" law to prohibit physicians from discussing firearms with patients, and gave us George Zimmerman, that unsteady hero of the Stand Your Ground movement, has more firearms news.

The Miami Herald reports on a little-known success of the National Rifle Association in its campaign to bring live ammunition to every corner of the American experience. (Thanks to TPM for bringing it to my attention.) In 2011, Republican Governor Rick Scott signed a law creating penalties for municipalities that attempt to restrict the firing of guns in residential areas. Because no American wants to live in a high-density gulag without the joyful sound of gunfire and the perpetual threat that your child will be felled by a richocheting bullet fired by your idiot neighbor.