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Megan McArdle

Depressed? Put the Guns Away.

People who suffer from depression shouldn't keep guns in the house.

I'm a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. I support the right of everyone except violent felons to have guns in their homes, carry them around in their cars, or wear them on their hips if they're so inclined. But over the years, I've started to think that there are people who probably shouldn't buy guns. I don't mean "shouldn't be allowed to"; I just mean "should exercise their Second Amendment right not to have a gun in their home."

I'm talking about people with a history of depression. Those folks aren't a danger to others, yet with a gun in the home, they may be a danger to themselves. "Shall issue" concealed-carry licenses don't seem to have much impact on gun crime (either to increase or decrease it). But as Alex Tabarrok says, they do seem to increase suicides: