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Matt Levine

Cheaper Jumbo Loans Just Aren't That Weird

For the past few months the interest rates on jumbo mortgages -- ones too big to be guaranteed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac -- have been creeping closer and closer to the rates on conventional Fannie/Freddie-guaranteed mortgages, and yesterday they finally celebrated victory.

Hi! Welcome to my new blog at Bloomberg View, where I will be writing about the business, deals, personalities, scandals and delights of the financial industry. I am, as the little box to your right suggests, a former investment banker and corporate lawyer, and in this space I hope to explain a little of the complexities of the financial world, and convey how much fun they can be. We'll aim for a mix of short and long pieces depending on what's in the news -- this first offering is, admittedly, on the long side -- as well as linking to interesting stuff from elsewhere.

Also, there will be footnotes, we are fond of footnotes here. For now I am using asterisks; in the future they will even look good and be hyperlinked and stuff. So be excited for that.