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Grant Hill’s Advice for Derrick Rose’s Critics

May 8 (Bloomberg) -- The longer the Chicago Bulls stay alive in the NBA playoffs, the louder the clamoring will grow for the return of their injured budding superstar, Derrick Rose. Before the din becomes overwhelming, critics should remember the story of an injured budding superstar of another era: Grant Hill.

The pressure on Rose, who hasn’t played since undergoing knee surgery last year, is already absurd. His detractors point out that injuries haven’t stopped teammates such as Joakim Noah, who has been playing with plantar fasciitis, or Nate Robinson, who has been battling the flu (complete with his very own vomit pail on the bench). One fan has sued Rose for emotional distress, and a Chicago radio station asked listeners to send letters pressuring Rose to suit up. Even Steve Kerr, a TV commentator and former Bulls guard, basically called Rose soft, saying he “owes it to his teammates to return.”