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Five Things to Remember as Boston Crisis Unfolds

April 19 (Bloomberg) -- The Boston Marathon bombing is a quick-moving story (a frenetic one, if you’re following on Twitter). And the facts, as CNN has learned, shift with seeming abandon. But certain patterns and questions are making themselves fairly obvious. So here goes:

1. The events of this week don’t represent a revolutionary development in the long battle against terrorism. Keep in mind, there have been a fairly significant number of aborted and disrupted attempts by jihadis (both organized and lone-wolf style) to kill civilians on American soil since the Sept. 11 attacks. If the Times Square bomb built by Faisal Shahzad in 2010 had exploded, we would have been looking, quite possibly, at far more deaths than those caused in Boston. (And it is not yet clear, despite preliminary indications, that these men were, in fact, motivated by radical Islam.)