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The Asymmetrical Threat of E-Mail Doomed Petraeus

The resignation of David Petraeus as director of central intelligence -- prompted, you may have heard, by the discovery, via an e-mail trail, of an extramarital affair that possibly posed a security risk -- leads to a cascade of concerns.

Leaving aside questions of morality, which would only lead to foolhardy and empty pronouncements, it’s fair to ask who will take the helm of the Central Intelligence Agency, which seemed to flourish under Petraeus’s leadership. What does this mean for the unending struggle against Islamic fundamentalism, the investigations into the Libyan attacks, Iran’s blossoming nuclear program, and a host of other issues crowding the agency’s plate? How did the FBI investigation that unearthed the whole thing unfold, and did the bureau overstep its while at the same time under-informing its overseers?