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Mitt Missed Chance to Rail Against Rush: Margaret Carlson

March 6 (Bloomberg) -- Blame Rush Limbaugh if you want -- and I will, later, at the risk of being “Fluked” -- for the uproar over contraception. But the real culprit is the leadership of the Republican Party, which snatched defeat (the Blunt amendment, which would have let any boss decide what insurance coverage suits his conscience) from the jaws of victory (the president’s compromise with Catholic bishops over such coverage).

You have to wonder if the party that has been obsessed with lady parts for the better part of a month can bring enough women and independents home in November to beat President Barack Obama. Almost 70 percent of those surveyed in the most recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll -- taken Feb. 29 to March 5, when there were no debates except the one over contraception -- called themselves “unenthusiastic,” “discouraged” and “disappointed” by the Republicans. Republican pollster Bill McInturff calls the last month “corrosive.”