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Photographer: Elia Locardi - Visit Greenland

Photographer: Elia Locardi - Visit Greenland

Why You Should Visit Greenland Now, in 15 Breathtaking Photos

Summer may be in full swing, but the ice is never far away.

More than a thousand years after the first Vikings landed in Greenland, most tourists today arrive at this remote region for similar reasons. “You go to Greenland to get away,” says Thure Tornbo Baastrup, co-founder of luxury tour operator Arctic Nomad.

There are no commercial flights to Greenland from North America yet. For now, the most popular way in is a flight from Copenhagen or Reykjavik. At first, all you see is a vast expanse of white, broken up occasionally with mountains jutting out in areas where the ice is retreating toward the coasts. It’s hard to imagine how Inuits or Vikings ever decided to settle in the place, but then, suddenly, all that ice gives way to lush green hills that dive into waterfall-filled fjords and you get it.