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From bitcoin mining and virtual reality to social media companies in Congress's crosshairs and the battle for net neutrality, Bloomberg presents the best technology pictures of the year.
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Members of the media view the BMWi Inside Future concept vehicle during a press event at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Jan. 4, 2017. Bayerische Motoren Werke AG has been dispatching a fleet of autonomous vehicles to U.S. and European cities, the next step in its partnership with Mobileye NV and Intel Corp. to introduce fully self-driving vehicles by 2021.

Photographer: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg

Attendees wear HTC Corp. Vive VR headsets while riding the VirZOOM Inc. bike gaming controller during the vSports Competition at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, on Jan. 4, 2017. VirZOOM, maker of VirZOOM Arcade virtual reality games, held the first ever live vSports competition at a private CES event sponsored by AMD, Fitbit, HTC and Life Fitness.

Photographer: Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg

Attendees take photographs with mobile devices while standing under a tunnel wall of LG OLED 4K TVs during the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Jan. 5, 2017. 

Photographer: Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg

An attendee uses a smartphone to take a selfie photograph on the opening day of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona on Feb. 27, 2017. A theme at the industry's annual get-together: the Internet of Things.

Photographer: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg

A scientist uses an oscilloscope during tests of sound perception in a soundproof laboratory at the Noveto Systems Ltd. office in Petach Tikva, Israel, on Feb. 14, 2017. The system, which uses 3D sensors and proprietary software, tracks the user's position and pinpoints an individual in order to dynamically focus audio beams to follow the user's ears.

Photographer: Rina Castelnuovo/Bloomberg

A member of the media assembles a multi-camera rig during a news conference at the Great Hall of the People before the opening of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) in Beijing on March 2, 2017. 

Photographer: Qilai Shen/Bloomberg

Amichai Yifrach, co-founder and chief technology officer of Flux.IoT (right) and Karin Kloosterman, co-founder of Flux.IoT, sit in a pop-up plastic greenhouse in which their tiny robot "Eddy," is being developed to help produce food from water, in the Jaffa district of Tel Aviv on Feb. 26, 2017. Flux.IoT's Eddy, a less-than-foot-high robot built with military grade sensors and imaging-processing technology, aims to be the industry standard for amateur indoor farmers who want to grow pesticide-free, water-efficient crops.

Photographer: Rina Castelnuovo/Bloomberg

A man skateboards past a Snapchat Spectacles by Snap Inc. vending machine pop-up store in the Venice neighborhood of Los Angeles on March 14, 2017.

Photographer: Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg

An attendee stands in front of an iris-scanning camera to test the operation of an iris-recognition system at the Dermalog Identification Systems GmbH pavilion at the CeBIT 2017 tech fair in Hannover, Germany, on March 21, 2017. 

Photographer: Krisztian Bocsi/Bloomberg

Visitors stand near a large graphic of a computer chip motherboard at the Kaspersky Lab pavilion at the CeBIT 2017 tech fair in Hannover, Germany, on March 21, 2017. The U.S. government banned the use of the Russian software-maker products in federal information systems in September due to the company's suspected ties to Russian intelligence agencies. 

Photographer: Krisztian Bocsi/Bloomberg

An employee wears a virtual reality (VR) headset while demonstrating a 4D cinema that can accommodate 23 people at the SoReal virtual reality park in Beijing on March 3, 2017. Sky Limit Entertainment Group's SoReal, a startup co-founded by Zhang Yimou, the famed director of "House of Flying Daggers" and "The Great Wall," later opened what the company bills as the world's first VR park.

Photographer: Gilles Sabrie/Bloomberg

Scissors and fabric sit on a table in front of Surface laptop computers during their debut at the hardware lab of Microsoft Corp.'s main campus in Redmond, Washington, on April 20, 2017. Once derided for buggy software, unstable hardware and indifferent design, Microsoft launched the Surface at 2.76 pounds, about a quarter-pound less than Apple's MacBook Air. The Surface boasts a 13.5-inch screen and is one of the thinnest, lightest products in its class.

Photographer: Mike Kane/Bloomberg

Israeli special-combat soldiers conduct a training exercise using virtual reality (VR) battlefield technology to simulate Hamas tunnels leading from Gaza to Israel at an Israeli Army base in Petach Tikva, Israel, on April 26, 2017. In a refurbished building on a military base in central Israel, soldiers are training in underground combat, using headsets made by Oculus, the virtual reality headset maker owned by Facebook Inc., and Vive, owned byHTC Corp.

Photographer: Rina Castelnuovo/Bloomberg

Lettuce plants grow in rows inside a greenhouse at high-tech, indoor Cofco Wisdom Farm operated by Cofco Corp. on the outskirts of Beijing on Feb. 20, 2017. China is turning to technology to make its land productive again. The silver bullet would be to eliminate emissions and industrial waste, an unrealistic option for a developing $11 trillion economy. Yet inventors and investors believe promising technologies can help China restore its lost agricultural productivity.

Photographer: Qilai Shen/Bloomberg

Tesla Inc. Powerpacks and inverters stand at the Southern California Edison Co. Mira Loma energy storage system facility in Ontario, California on June 1, 2017. The Mira Loma substation houses nearly 400 Tesla Powerpack units in an effort to meet state regulations on producing clean-energy electricity.

Photographer: Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg

A pedestrian bridge in front of the Charles K. Kao Auditorium in the Hong Kong Science Park, developed and managed by Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corp. (HKSTP), in Hong Kong on June 6, 2017. The hub, the city's biggest existing technology park, hosts more than 600 technology companies, according to the HKSTP website.

Photographer: Justin Chin/Bloomberg

Attendees play "Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus," a video game by Bethesda Softworks LLC, inside a mock diner at the company's booth during the E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles on June 13, 2017. For three days, leading-edge companies, groundbreaking technologies and never-before-seen products showcased at E3.

Photographer: Troy Harvey/Bloomberg

An employee takes inventory of mobile phone accessories at a store in Yangon, Myanmar, on June 14, 2017. In 2015, Myanmar signed up more people for mobile phone service than any country in the world except China and India, according to the Asian Development Bank.

Photographer: Taylor Weidman/Bloomberg

A team of computer experts and hackers work at a cabin in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, on July 11, 2017. Narco-traffickers hold sway over swaths of Mexico, co-opting state officials or openly defying them. Now they're encroaching on the country's spring-break meccas as never before, leaving bodies in suitcases outside exclusive condos—and shooting up nightclubs.

Photographer: Brett Gundlock/Bloomberg

A technician makes repairs to bitcoin mining machines at a mining facility operated by Bitmain Technologies Ltd. in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China, on Aug. 11, 2017.

Photographer: Qilai Shen/Bloomberg

Warehouses storing bitcoin-mining machines stand at Bitmain's mining facility. Bitmain is one of the leading producers of bitcoin-mining equipment and also runs Antpool, a processing pool that combines individual miners from China and other countries, as well as operating one of the largest digital currency mines in the world.

Photographer: Qilai Shen/Bloomberg

An employee inspects a wall of kale and greens growing vertically inside a modular farming unit at Modular Farms Co. headquarters in Brampton, Ontario, on Aug. 11, 2017. The popularity of modular farms is slowly gaining in Canada as consumers seek more locally and sustainably grown produce, said Chief Executive Officer Eric Amyot. A startup that designs and manufacturers container farm systems, Modular Farms sells systems to grow such things as kale, lettuce and herbs and is also test-growing crops including cucumbers and tomatoes, he said.

Photographer: James MacDonald/Bloomberg

Whole Foods Market Inc. groceries are arranged for a photograph in New York on Aug. 25, 2017. Inc. spent its first day as the owner of a brick-and-mortar grocery chain cutting prices at Whole Foods Market by as much as 43 percent, though prices in general crept back over time.

Photographer: David Williams/Bloomberg

Attendees play Activision Blizzard Inc.'s Overwatch computer game at the AOC Open e-Sports event in Tokyo on July 1, 2017. Players in Japan, which held some of the world's first televised video-game battles in the 1980s, say the country no longer has serious training grounds for players. Laws meant to police organized crime and gambling have cast a net so wide that they prevent paid gaming competitions.

Photographer: Akio Kon/Bloomberg

Wrapped pieces of sushi exit a Suzumo Machinery Co. sushi machine during a demonstration at the company's factory in Kawashima, Saitama, Japan, on Aug. 7, 2017. Suzumo Machinery's robots are used by about 70,000 customers around the world, ranging from sushi chains to factories, and account for about 70 percent of the market for the equipment at restaurants, according to Suzumo's estimates.

Photographer: Tomohiro Ohsumi/Bloomberg

A Cube autonomous robo-taxi manufactured by Continental AG drives in Frankfurt on Sept. 6, 2017. The German government adopted a self-driving car technology action plan on Aug. 23 that includes legal and ethical guidelines for the vehicles.

Photographer: Andreas Arnold/Bloomberg

A Da-Jiang Innovations Science and Technology Co. (DJI) Phantom drone is flown during a property inspection following Hurricane Harvey in Houston on Sept. 6, 2017. The mass destruction brought by Hurricane Harvey has been a seminal moment for drone operators, who since proved they can effectively map flooding, locate people in need of rescue and verify damage to speed processing of insurance claims.

Photographer: Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg

Apple Inc. employees stand as attendees arrive ahead of the unveiling of three new iPhones at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California, on Sept. 12, 2017.

Photographer: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg

Tim Cook, chief executive officer of Apple Inc., speaking in front of a Keynote presentation featuring a portrait of the late Steve Jobs, on Sept. 12, 2017, at the launch for three new mobile phones, headed by the iPhone X.

Photographer: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg

Attendees stand on step ladders to look inside a cloud display at an exhibition booth during the Mobile World Conference Americas event in San Francisco on Sept. 12, 2017. 

Photographer: Cayce Clifford/Bloomberg

Employees and visitors take selfies in front of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.'s headquarters in Hangzhou, China, on Sept. 8, 2017. After conquering grocery deliveries, Alibaba is setting its sights on a big part of China's $4 trillion retail sector: department stores.

Photographer: Qilai Shen/Bloomberg

Ride-sharing bicycles in a pile in Shanghai on Sept. 12, 2017. Across Chinese cities, sidewalks are filling up with bicycles, costing a few U.S. cents an hour. Anyone with a smartphone can unlock one with a swipe of an app.

Photographer: Qilai Shen/Bloomberg

John McAfee, founder of McAfee Associates Inc. and chief cybersecurity visionary at MGT Capital Investments Inc., walks on stage to speak at the Shape the Future: Blockchain Global Summit in Hong Kong on Sept. 20, 2017. Bitcoin captivated the attention of financial markets as the developer community embraced a new mechanism to improve usage and avoided what was labeled as a potential civil war, raising the profile of the digital ledger and fueling the speculative price rise.

Photographer: Anthony Kwan/Bloomberg

A technician inspects the front camera of two smartphones on the production line inside the Intex Technologies India Ltd. plant in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India, on Sept. 29, 2017.

Photographer: Udit Kulshrestha/Bloomberg

A demonstrator sits in costume behind Richard Smith, former chairman and chief executive officer of Equifax Inc., as he appears before a Senate Banking Committee hearing in Washington on Oct. 4, 2017. Lawmakers grilled Smith after hackers attacked the company's systems and accessed sensitive information for 145.5 million Americans.

Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

A mechanical claw collects trash in the bunker hall at the Renescience waste energy plant operated by Dong Energy A/S in Northwich, U.K., on Oct. 5, 2017. The Renescience process starts with a giant claw that crunches into a mountain of trash and ends with seven separate materials, from plastics to metals and biogas, that can be used to create electricity, be recycled or sold to scrap yards. Nothing goes to a landfill.

Photographer: Matthew Lloyd/Bloomberg

Bottles of liquor are displayed at the Amazon Bar, operated by Amazon Japan KK, during a media preview in Tokyo on Oct. 19, 2017. For 10 days, the web retailer purveyed beer, wine, sake and cocktails in Tokyo's glitzy Ginza district to promote alcoholic products it sells on its domestic website.

Photographer: Akio Kon/Bloomberg

A staff member arranges a display showing a social media post during a House Intelligence Committee hearing in Washington on Nov. 1, 2017. The top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee berated lawyers for social media giants Facebook Inc., Twitter Inc. and Google Inc. for the companies' lethargic response to Russian interference in U.S. politics.

Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

Eugene Mutai, bitcoin "miner" and software developer, uses a tablet computer with his two-and-a-half year-old daughter Xena, at his home in Nairobi, Kenya, on Sept. 9, 2017. Cryptocurrencies are especially attractive in economies with restrictions on taking cash abroad, or where people lack bank accounts or the local currency is being damaged by inflation.

Photographer: Luis Tato/Bloomberg

Customers wait in line outside Apple Inc.'s World Trade Center store before the sales launch of the Apple Inc. iPhone X smartphone in New York on Nov. 3, 2017. The $1,000 price tag didn't deter throngs of enthusiasts around the world who waited, sometimes overnight, in long lines with no guarantee they would exit a store with one of the coveted devices.

Photographer: Michael Nagle/Bloomberg

A farmer uses a scanner to inspect tomatoes at Wards Berry Farm in Sharon, Massachusetts, on Oct. 24, 2017. An ex-banker at Wells Fargo & Co. and a former executive at Nasdaq Inc. left finance to start, which uses blockchain in agriculture and has big aspirations to weave it through the food supply chain.

Photographer: Adam Glanzman/Bloomberg

A robotic dealer manufactured by LT Game Ltd., a subsidiary of Paradise Entertainment Ltd., stands on display during the Macau Gaming Show (MGS) in Macau, China, on Nov. 14, 2017. Macau's regulators are tightening oversight of the almost $30 billion casino industry.

Photographer: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg 

Ajit Pai, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, drinks from an oversized coffee mug during an open meeting in Washington on Nov. 16, 2017. The FCC voted in December to kill the net neutrality rules passed during the Obama era.

Photographer: Zach Gibson/Bloomberg

Train tracks run through the Brooklyn Army Terminal B building in  Brooklyn, New York, on Aug. 8, 2017. Several sites in Brooklyn could meet Amazon's need for 500,000 square feet for the first phase of its second headquarters—potentially expanding to as much as 8 million square feet over the next 10 years. Brooklyn possibilities include Industry City, the nearby Brooklyn Army Terminal and undeveloped land between the Barclays Center arena and the Fulton Mall, according to Ofer Cohen, President of TerraCRG.

Photographer: Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg

Employees roll out an EHang Inc. E-184 drone ahead of a test flight at the company's headquarters in Guangzhou, China, on Nov. 2, 2017. The Chinese startup has developed a flying car that it plans to roll out as soon as 2018. The E-184 drone can carry one passenger in its small cockpit, but the firm says it's working on a model that can carry two.

Photographer: Qilai Shen/Bloomberg

A Fanuc Corp. industrial robot lifts a vehicle at the International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo on Nov. 29, 2017.

Photographer: Kiyoshi Ota/Bloomberg