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Photographer: Daniel Balda
Photographer: Daniel Balda

See the Stylish, Sophisticated Ibiza That Even Club Kids Can’t Ruin

The nightlife made the island famous for a certain set, but a new book documents the quiet coves, stunning beaches, and cool architecture that made it great in the first place.

Some people call it the White Isle. But aside from Ibiza’s ivory beaches, this is an island that glows in technicolor. In their vibrant new tome, Ibiza Bohemia (Assouline), fashion editor Renu Kashyap and travel writer Maya Boyd offer up a visual love letter to the hedonistic Balearic Islands paradise they call home. “The south is a heady, visceral playground of beautiful beaches, sugar cube villages, and extraordinary sunsets,” writes Boyd. “The north is the land of olive groves, ancient churches, and sheer cliffs plunging down to inky horseshoe calas. ... Everywhere is the light: the high, bright, colorless light whose extraordinary quality is known the world over, whose unearthly clarity has seduced writers and painters for eons.”

Strobe lights? Foam parties? DJ booths flooded with laser projections? That’s not the Ibiza Kashyap and Boyd are after. These sunlit images—which represent the work of more than a dozen world-class photographers—reveal an Ibiza that only locals know.