Photographer: Andrew Musson for Bloomberg Businessweek

Time to Buy a Minimalist Black Watch

An affordable black watch keeps you on schedule—and makes a fashion statement, too.

  1. Objest Hach

    Objest Hach

    Crosshatch patterns break up the dial into the 12 segments of a traditional watch face. 



  2. Braun BNO171

    Braun BNO171

    The yellow second hand makes this instantly identifiable as a Braun timepiece. The ceramic bracelet makes it unique among competitors. 



  3. Movado Edge

    Movado Edge

    Yves Béhar’s modern-day industrial reimagining of the 1947 “museum dial,” which has a single gold dot at 12 to symbolize the sun at high noon. 



  4. Uniform Wares M37

    Uniform Wares M37

     The commitment to minimalism is so intense, there’s no branding and no second hand. 



  5. Nocs Atelier Seconds Rose Gold

    Nocs Atelier Seconds Rose Gold

     A black nylon NATO strap gives off a stealth military vibe. 



  6. Simpl Gravity

    Simpl Gravity

    The only flourish comes in the form of a couple of forward slashes at 12.