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Money Stuff: Jamie Dimon Got a Bonus

What happened here?

July is not a particularly traditional time for financial-industry bonuses? Was he … considering taking another job? Did he get an exciting offer to build a mid-tier regional bank into a global powerhouse, and JPMorgan scrambled to match it? Or did he come to the board and say “hey I’ve been doing this for a long time, I’ve had a good run, I’ve accomplished most of what I want to accomplish, I’ve provided well for my family what with my $2.1 billion fortune, and now I’d like to retire and spend more time with them” and the board was like “oh no, we need you to stick around for another decade, would increasing your net worth by 2.4% change your mind” and he was like “oh man I could really use 50 million more dollars, I’ll do it”?