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Google Adds a Suite of New AI Tech for Photos and More

The whimsical display comes less than a year after the division’s reputation was badly tarnished.


Hi, it’s Nico. Google’s annual I/O conference kicked off on Tuesday and the company showed off all the ways it’s using artificial intelligence to make our family memories more vivid, to make smartphone cameras less racist, and potentially to even save lives.

Let’s start with the innovations in cameras. One of the features Google debuted, dubbed “cinematic moments,” will use machine learning to animate groups of two or three similar photos, using the images to, for example, create a gif of your dog. More seriously, the company is also trying to improve its Pixel phone camera so that it more accurately takes pictures of Black and Brown people—who too often blend into the background or are underlit in photos because phones weren’t coded with their skin tones in mind. And Google is even using AI to identify potential skin diseases through photographs, so you can check out that mole before booking a trip to the dermatologist.