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Roblox Is Going Public Just as the Pandemic Video Game Boom Is Ending

If kids go outside again, can gaming companies keep growing? 

Online Video-Game Company Roblox Plans IPO
Photographer: Gabby Jones/Bloomberg

Hey y’all, it’s Austin. Millions of people are getting vaccinated every day, and the world is getting a glimpse of life after the coronavirus pandemic. For many technology businesses that benefited from lockdowns, the boom times will soon be over.

Before then, companies are trying to establish themselves as fixtures of people’s everyday lives. For one, Roblox Corp. is seeking to transform from a video game beloved by tweens and teens into a social meeting place for kids and adults alike. The game maker is planning to go public Wednesday at a price that could give the company a $30 billion market value, and needs to prove to investors that it can thrive once children are back in school full time.