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MapLab: Geography Is a Gift

relates to MapLab: Geography Is a Gift
Photographer: Haptic Lab

With logistical delays and staffing shortages bogging down the world’s shipping services, last-minute gift shoppers might find themselves in a pinch in this pandemic holiday season. But with nine days left until Christmas — and 16 days to celebrate the end of a wretched year, no matter your religious bent — there’s still some time to find a special something for the geography and map fans in your life. Here are some of our favorite picks. 

From printable transit graphics to pop-up topography to hand-drawn continental portraits, this Google Docs round-up of indy map-sellers is an up-to-date guide to who’s-who in cartography. It’s also a useful catalog of maps that can hang on your wall, go on your body, and accompany you on your next adventure, whether that’s a walk around the neighborhood or an eventual trip on an airplane. (Hand-drawn map of North America, Anton Thomas Art, $98)