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AI Says Men Are Lazy

Artificial intelligence's latest darling illustrates its flaws.

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Photographer: Lam Yik Fei/Bloomberg

Hey all, it’s Eric. Advances in artificial intelligence are often framed as though they’ll upend human society overnight, and for the last month technologists have had a new darling to obsess over. It’s a piece of software called GPT-3, which can write essays, songs and computer code in response to requests that humans type into its interface in plain text.

The program comes from OpenAI, a top artificial intelligence research organization. OpenAI recently began giving technologists access to it in a private testing period, and they are in love. GPT-3 can build a website layout based on a text-based description, or write a Harry Potter story in the style of a hard-boiled detective novel. One blogger said it might be the “biggest thing since Bitcoin.