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CityLab Daily: Will People Go Back to Commuting to Work?

Also today: Tech workers want to escape Silicon Valley’s high rent, and why cities should make more room for bikes.

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Changing lanes: Work may look very different after the pandemic eases, now that white-collar employees have had a taste of work-from-home life. Some companies are considering whether their staff need to come into the office at all, and recently, Twitter decided the answer was no. As more cities ease lockdown restrictions, will anyone want to go back to commuting?

That depends in part on the mode of travel and the time it takes to get to work, according to emerging research. Those who drove aren’t excited to sit in traffic again, though that doesn’t mean they won’t. And while some public transit passengers and bikers say they miss their daily rides, not all may return. The studies offer planners a glimpse into the future, and things to avoid: As Laura Bliss writes, one suggests that commute times in some cities could shoot up by 20 minutes if even 25% of transit riders move toward cars. Today on CityLab: What Post-Pandemic Commuting Could Be.