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San Jose, California

San Jose, California

Photographer: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg

In Silicon Valley, Developers Bet Big on the Return to Offices

The coronavirus isn’t slowing down visions for an urban revival in San Jose. 

From New York to San Francisco to London and beyond, the cry has gone up in crowded cities: get me out of here! But as the coronavirus reshapes urban life — and prompts businesses to rethink where they want to be — a pair of California real estate investors are pushing what might seem like an unlikely vision for the future.

Their idea: turn San Jose, San Francisco’s ho-hum suburban neighbor in the heart of Silicon Valley, into a denser, more citified place. It might sound like a reach in the middle of a pandemic. But they’re betting Bay Area companies that have let employees scatter will eventually want to bring people back into offices, to the one part of the region that hasn’t been overrun by big tech.