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Facebook and Instagram Aren't Refunding Small Businesses Fast Enough After Ad Glitch

Smaller businesses say they can’t get anyone on the phone 

Meta Platforms Ahead Of Earnings Figures
Photographer: Gabby Jones/Bloomberg

Meta Platforms Inc. has started refunding advertisers’ money for a major glitch last month that caused businesses to significantly overspend for their promotions on Facebook and Instagram. But some smaller clients are still waiting to hear whether the social media company will make good on their losses.

Large accounts — those that may spend more than $200,000 per month — often have a direct customer service line at Meta or even a designated account representative to call in the event of an error. The smaller customers, which make up the vast majority of the spending on Meta’s ads, don’t have the same access. Instead, they have been forced to try and recoup thousands of mistakenly spent dollars through chatbots, or to learn about the status of potential refunds second-hand, according to multiple ad agencies that represent hundreds of clients in total.