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TikTok’s CEO Is Set to Enter a Washington Fight He Can’t Win

  • App’s leader to testify before House committee on Thursday
  • Lawmakers plan queries about mental health, national security
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TikTok CEO Faces Tough Hearing in Congress

TikTok’s ownership by a Chinese company, and the national security risk that could pose to the viral video app’s users, have drawn most of the attention ahead of the CEO’s testimony to Congress. But Chief Executive Officer Shou Chew is prepared for a variety of questions, including about kids’ mental health, from a House committee Thursday.

The mobile app’s 150 million users in the US and the strength of its content-recommendation engine mean any infraction is viewed as a potential societal threat. Lawmakers have spent the better part of this year warning about the risks posed by a platform intended for short, often silly videos. In Thursday’s US House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing, they’ll have one person at whom they can direct those fears. Here’s what you need to know.