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A $2.5 Billion Credit Suisse Junior Bond Escaped Wipeout

  • The Tier 2 CoCo won’t be written down, people familar say
  • Indications on the bond, due in August, rose on Monday morning
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One junior bond issued by a Credit Suisse entity a decade ago has emerged unscathed from a wipeout of the lender’s riskiest notes as part of UBS Group AG’s takeover.

The $2.5 billion note due later this year is a rare Tier 2 contingent convertible bond, with some features similar to the 16 billion Swiss francs ($17.2 billion) of risky bonds that the lender is writing down. However, due to quirks when Swiss banks adopted post-financial crisis capital instruments, the note is counted as Tier 2 capital instead — a higher-ranking type of debt that typically only takes a hit if a lender is no longer viable.