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Ranks of Quiet Quitters Climb as Layoffs Mount

Surveys from Gallup and a human-resources association capture a hybrid workplace with growing confusion and distrust. 

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Source: LightFieldStudios/Getty Images

Close to one in five workers has fully checked out on the job, and employees’ sense that they’re being treated fairly has plummeted, according to two new surveys that paint a dismal picture of the American workplace.

The share of US employees engaged at work as measured by Gallup declined for the second straight year to just 32%, with 18% actively disengaged, making for the worst ratio between the two measures since 2013. Fewer than half of workers now trust their organization to give them a fair shake, down to 46% from 54% last year, according to a separate survey from the Society for Human Resource Management. The discontent, while widespread, was most acute among younger workers, women and those managing multiple teams across remote and on-site schedules.