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Party Congress

Xi’s Vow to ‘Stand Tall’ Has China on Collision Course With US

  • Beijing’s foreign policy turned more muscular under Xi Jinping
  • Approach caused tensions with US, hurt perceptions of China
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Xi Jinping's Decade of Power
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At the last Communist Party congress in 2017, Xi Jinping declared that China was “standing tall and firm in the East.” Now the US and key allies are looking to cut the world’s second-biggest economy down to size. 

The shift over the past five years gained momentum with Donald Trump’s tariff war, which helped cement the perception in Washington that China was more a threat than an opportunity -- a view that held firm when Joe Biden became president. Last week, his administration imposed sweeping curbs to deprive China of advanced computer chips, taking aim at the party’s ability to achieve its long-term growth ambitions.