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Big Tech’s Next Big Thing? Making You Pick a Team

This year’s gadget release season shows how much Apple, Amazon, and others are focusing on platform dominance.

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Illustration: Woshibai for Bloomberg Businessweek

On his drive to work each morning, Amazon Senior Vice President David Limp asks Amazon Alexa to play Amazon Music in his Mini Cooper, a car manufactured by an automaker that has a partnership with Amazon. At the office, he takes notes in meetings on his new Amazon Kindle Scribe. He listens to the Amazon-exclusive podcast SmartLess on his way home, where an Amazon Echo Show sits in the kitchen displaying photos of his kids that he stores in Amazon Prime’s cloud. When Limp goes biking, he wears his Amazon smart glasses, the Echo Frames. The star of his family’s movie nights is their Amazon Fire TV.

Limp detailed his loyal routine at Amazon’s biggest product launch of the year, broadcast online on Sept. 28. He intended to show off how a gaggle of next-generation Amazon products, from voice-activated Echo speakers to Halo sleep trackers to Ring home security cameras, fit seamlessly into a modern lifestyle. “There’s a paradigm shift happening in consumer electronics,” he said. “Technology needs to be personalized and intuitive, enough to adapt to you and your environment—not the other way around.”