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Start-Up Founder Says Tech Should Play Bigger Role In the UK’s ‘Levelling Up’ Agenda

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From The Ground Up - Dr. Anne-Marie Imafidon

Entrepreneur Anne-Marie Imafidon wants technology to play a bigger role in Britain’s “Levelling Up” agenda and expand beyond the nation’s capital.

“There’s way too much pressure on London to have a lot of these outputs, and there’s not enough opportunity that could be anywhere,” the 32-year-old told Francine Lacqua on Bloomberg's From the Ground Up.

Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson had promised to supercharge Britain by reducing regional inequalities. Two years on, an exclusive analysis showed things are going backwards.

“I genuinely believe that we’d solve so many more problems if we just had different people that thought just slightly differently in a lot of these rooms, making huge technical decisions that impact all of us,” she said.

Imafidon worked at Deutsche Bank AG and Redfield Asset Management before co-founding Stemettes in 2013, which helps girls and non-binary young people advance in science, technology, engineering and math careers.

Her new book, She’s in CTRL, draws from her own experiences, and that of industry pioneers, to encourage women to play a part in how technology is made.

The former child prodigy made history along with her siblings for completing GCSEs and A-Levels in primary school. She said she hopes others have “positive, STEM-formative experiences.”

From the Ground Up is a new Bloomberg series meeting those who've risen to the top and exploring that journey. Watch the episode above.