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Odd Lots

What Is Really Going On With Rent and Healthcare Inflation?

Understanding two crucial categories of the CPI.

An "Apartments For Rent" sign outside a building in New York.

An "Apartments For Rent" sign outside a building in New York.

Photographer: Gabby Jones/Bloomberg

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One of the biggest drivers of inflation is rent. Arguably, it's the whole ballgame right now. If rent growth stays firm, it's hard to see inflation getting back to the Federal Reserve's intended target anytime soon. If it rolls over, then maybe that will allow the Fed to breathe a little bit easier. But signals about the future direction of rents are mixed. While the government data is red hot, various private surveys do show some easing. On this episode, we speak with Omair Sharif, the founder of Inflation Insights, who walks us through rent prices and how the numbers are gathered. He also discusses a key change coming to the measured price of healthcare that will likely be a significant drag on inflation in the year ahead.