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Amenity Watch

At Buahan in Bali, Hotel Guests Can Enjoy the ‘Naked Experience’

Sleep in the jungle without skimping on an ounce of luxury

Views out over the Buahan valley.

Views out over the Buahan valley.

Source: Buahan, a Banyan Tree Escape

Welcome to Bloomberg Pursuits Amenity Watch, where we look at the exciting (and sometimes ridiculous) perks that luxury hotels are coming up with to entice people back out into the world.

In the lush mountains north of Ubud in Bali, a Banyan Tree resort opened in June with 16 spacious bales, or private villas, that have no walls or doors. There are room numbers, but no room keys. Upon arrival, each visitor is invited to strike a kulkul—a vertically hanging wooden slot drum that’s used in villages as a traditional means of communication and that unleashes a gonglike thud—hailing their arrival to the property and their welcome to its “naked experience.”