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YouTube to Label US Election-Related Videos and Searches With Context

Videos will be paired with information in Spanish and English to impact spread of misinformation

YouTube said that it will add contextual information underneath election-related videos and in search results for the US midterms in the coming weeks, an initiative aimed at curbing the spread of falsehoods on the Google-owned video platform.

YouTube will roll out information panels in two languages, English and Spanish, when users search for information about the election, Leslie Miller, YouTube’s vice-president of government affairs and public policy, said Thursday in a blog post. The video site will also promote authoritative content from national and local news sources, and work to quickly remove videos that violate its community guidelines, including ones that mislead voters on how to vote, encourage interference in the democratic process, incite violence, or promote other types of election misinformation. YouTube said that it had already pulled a handful of videos that contained false claims of widespread fraud, errors and glitches in the US presidential election, though it did not specify how many.