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Lego Billionaires Invest in Fish-Skin Biotech From Iceland

  • Kerecis raises $100 million at a $620 million valuation
  • Icelandic biotech still plans IPO over 18-24 months, CEO says
SurgiBind implantable reinforcement fish-skin

SurgiBind implantable reinforcement fish-skin

Source: Kerecis

The fund controlling the wealth of the Lego billionaire family is investing in an Icelandic company that makes fish-skin dressings to treat human wounds.

The Kirkbi Group, which has assets worth about $21 billion, bought $40 million in newly issued Kerecis hf shares as the Icelandic firm raised $100 million in a funding round valuing it at $620 million. Other investors include existing shareholders, among them two Icelandic pension funds.