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Tropical Heat Returns to a Better-Prepared Pacific Northwest

A year after a record-shattering heat wave, the northwestern US won’t reach the same peaks, but the hot spell will last longer.

A public cooling shelter in Portland, Oregon. 

A public cooling shelter in Portland, Oregon. 

Photographer: Maranie Staab/Bloomberg

Dangerously high temperatures have returned to the northwestern US, 13 months after unprecedented heat shattered records there. While the heat is not expected to reach last year’s highest peaks — Portland, Oregon, hit 116° Fahrenheit (46.4° Celsius) in June 2021 — this heat wave may last five or six days, uncommon longevity for a cool part of the country. Portland may near 100°F and Seattle will see highs in the 90s, according to Brian Thompson, senior meteorologist for AccuWeather Inc. 

The National Weather Service has put alerts in effect through Friday or Saturday for most of Washington, northern Idaho and California, and much of Oregon.