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Anti-Abortion States Get a Financial Lift From Pro-Choice Hollywood

  • Georgia subsidies for film, TV production are hard to refuse
  • One movie slated to shoot in Arkansas moved to North Carolina
A production crew works on film in Atlanta, Georgia.

A production crew works on film in Atlanta, Georgia.

Photographer: Mike Stewart/AP Photo

Media companies and movie stars have decried the overturning of Roe v. Wade, but Hollywood is still pouring money into film and TV productions in states seeking to restrict or even outlaw abortion.

Officials from Georgia, Texas, Oklahoma and other states that generate billions of dollars a year from the film-and-television business, said they haven’t seen a slowdown in the sector since the ruling was overturned. The companies that own the biggest studios said they will cover abortion-related travel as part of employee health benefits, but haven’t said they’ll alter investment plans.