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China Seals Off IPhone Maker, CNOOC in Shenzhen to Battle Covid

  • Huawei, DJI and BYD also forced into a closed loop in Shenzhen
  • The move marks the latest disruption to Chinese giants
Bloomberg business news
Big Chinese Companies ‘Sealed Off’ to Battle Covid

China has forced some of its biggest companies, including iPhone maker Foxconn and oil producer Cnooc Ltd., to operate within a “closed loop” restricted system for seven days as the southern manufacturing hub of Shenzhen battles its latest Covid outbreak.

The city government has asked its 100 biggest companies, including automaker BYD Co., networking giants Huawei Technologies Co. and ZTE Corp. and drone-maker DJI to restrict operations only to employees living within a closed loop or bubble, with little to no contact with people beyond their plants or offices. Authorities also asked companies to reduce unnecessary interaction between non-manufacturing staff and factory floors to reduce infection, according to a Shenzhen government notice seen by Bloomberg News.